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we would like to acknowledge and endorse the people and organisations that have made it possible to construct this website


Sarah Dunton  🌐 Visit Website 

Sarah Dunton is a Leeds based artist who created the logo, images, and icons used to style the website. She is open to considering commissions and has art and pottery available for sale on her website.


Squarespace  🌐 Visit Website 

The website is hosted and supported by Squarespace.


Qualtrics  🌐 Visit Website 

Qualtrics host and power and provide technical support for the self completion scales that are embedded within the website


Infogram  🌐 Visit Website 

All of the charts and posters and many of the page inserts are created in Infogram.


ISSUU  🌐 Visit Website 

All of the flip page booklets that are embedded in the website are hosted by ISSUU.